Green buds, wild Flowers,
and bird chirping

Discover Istria's beautiful landscape and enjoy it's renowned cuisine.

Istria… with just a click on the satellite image, a heart-shaped peninsula covered in green and rising out of the endless blueness of the Adriatic Sea will appear under the Alps. This is the ideal place to discover the beauties of pristine nature and mysterious flavours. And while roaming along the windy roads of the Istrian peninsula, from its distinguished western Riviera to its elevated eastern coast or, from the hilly areas of the north towards its sunny south, you will always be welcomed by surrealistically enchanting views. With every step you take a series of tasty pleasures full of flavour and aromas awaits you. But, when, after the last curve, the vastness of the Adriatic Sea appears on the horizon, revealing the point where the land blends with the sea, you will be able to discover the special intertwining of this climate and its gastronomy.

In its green interior, under the secret hills, hide superb truffles – the most intricate underground treasure brought to Istrian tables from Hades’ lavish banquet. From the thicket of the tame landscape, wild asparagus rise up, the self-effacing queens of spring that enrich a number of delicious recipes of Istrian dishes.

This Mediterranean peninsula is also the cradle of the best olive oils in the world, a liquid gold that openly broadcasts our Istrian delicacies. After each, well researched corner of Istria, why not make a stop, take a deep breath and cheer with a glass of exquisite Istrian wine…

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